September 29, 2006

school pictures

okay so school pictures are such a joke! my kids came home the other day with this form for school pics. so i look for the pkg. with a class photo and a 5x7 individual. my limit on school pics is between $10-15.


am i the only one who thinks this is a rip off! just take a snap shot of your child in a favorite place and order wallets, at COSTCO, so they can exchange with their friends...if they still do that. it's a whole lot cheaper!

September 28, 2006

elephant walk

we had f-u-n with our friends at the ....

....elephant walk! so i pulled a and k from school, it was half day anyway, and we all went downtown to see the elephant walk. actually, i took the 4 preschoolers and angie brought a and k, as well as her younger 2. we got front row seats on the side of the road, ate lunch, mingled with friends, and waited for the elephants. we waited about 45 min. then they came...and five min. later...they went. the kids favorite part was that the elephants were holding each others tails. k says they do that so they don't get lost.

September 23, 2006

a gift for dad and...

so my father lives across the country in MD and he hardly ever sees my i thought i would make him a book with what we've done this summer. and here it is. after i made this book it became an obsession. i now make them for all the baby showers i attend...i just leave room for the photo and the mom can easily and quickly slip it in. i love it.

September 21, 2006

church ball

tonight we went to b's flag football game! i sit and chat with the wives, the kids play with the rest of the kids, and the husbands just play...they love it. and occasionally we take pics. gotta love organized sports!

random thoughts

now that i have my blog all set up, thank you netti...i can relax and start to enjoy it. so for my 2nd posting...
have you ever had one of those mornings were you just want to stay in bed and sleep till noon? but you have children to get ready for school, lunches to be made, shoes and socks to put on and out the door to school...well this morning was that morning...
so when i finally did get out of bed i immediately checked my calendar to see if i had any scheduled things to do...nothing! the day was from any prior commitment and i was so happy. i thought to myself ...i could get the kids to school, come home, and go back to bed! YIPEE!
so i come home and i get my other kids breakfast...make sure there is nothing liquid that my 18 mon. old could spill...and pick up my Family Fun Mag. Backflash...i am class captain for my daughters class and we don't have a party coordinator yet and halloween is 5 weeks away...not stressing... just want to be prepared if no one volunteers...with that the mag. there were some cute online i thought i'd check them out. so i went to my computer...logged on...and was finding their cute ideas...
then i checked my email. replied. sent a couple...then i was done. but i have been meaning to upload more pics to my photography blog so i went to do that and it wasn't letting me...i tried and tried. i look down at the clock and it's 9:40am. i am still in my pajamas and robe. and there was a knock at the door.
great! i figure it's peyton, my daughter's friend. well i open the door and it's my mother in law! she says...did you forget about me today? and YES i did forget. once every week she comes to give me a piano lesson and take the kids for the morning. and i forgot! my house was a, bathrooms, bedroom, everything. i was embarrassed. and i didn't really practice. good one, staci!
so needless to say...i didn't get back to bed and when she left i jumped in the shower, got dressed, and went shopping for my husband's b-day that's tomorrow!
i love rainy days that make me want to be lazy all day long.

September 18, 2006

this is crazy

for as long as i can remember i have loved taking pictures. of anything...mostly people who aren't aware that i'm shooting photos of them. so my friend, lynette, has this amazing blog and i thought...what the may not be kept up to date but it will be good for somethings like sharing photos with my family who live across the country.

so this is my blog. fyi...i never use capital letters.