September 21, 2006

random thoughts

now that i have my blog all set up, thank you netti...i can relax and start to enjoy it. so for my 2nd posting...
have you ever had one of those mornings were you just want to stay in bed and sleep till noon? but you have children to get ready for school, lunches to be made, shoes and socks to put on and out the door to school...well this morning was that morning...
so when i finally did get out of bed i immediately checked my calendar to see if i had any scheduled things to do...nothing! the day was from any prior commitment and i was so happy. i thought to myself ...i could get the kids to school, come home, and go back to bed! YIPEE!
so i come home and i get my other kids breakfast...make sure there is nothing liquid that my 18 mon. old could spill...and pick up my Family Fun Mag. Backflash...i am class captain for my daughters class and we don't have a party coordinator yet and halloween is 5 weeks away...not stressing... just want to be prepared if no one volunteers...with that the mag. there were some cute online i thought i'd check them out. so i went to my computer...logged on...and was finding their cute ideas...
then i checked my email. replied. sent a couple...then i was done. but i have been meaning to upload more pics to my photography blog so i went to do that and it wasn't letting me...i tried and tried. i look down at the clock and it's 9:40am. i am still in my pajamas and robe. and there was a knock at the door.
great! i figure it's peyton, my daughter's friend. well i open the door and it's my mother in law! she says...did you forget about me today? and YES i did forget. once every week she comes to give me a piano lesson and take the kids for the morning. and i forgot! my house was a, bathrooms, bedroom, everything. i was embarrassed. and i didn't really practice. good one, staci!
so needless to say...i didn't get back to bed and when she left i jumped in the shower, got dressed, and went shopping for my husband's b-day that's tomorrow!
i love rainy days that make me want to be lazy all day long.

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nettifer said...

You sound just like me, I think I will sit quickly down on the computer and then 3 hours later, I am still not done and loving every minute of it. To bad I can't get paid to sit and surf.

Love the rainy days also!