November 07, 2006

Family Photo Shoots

about 2 weeks ago my friend, missy, asked me to take their family pics for their christmas cards. so i walked across the street with my camera and a black sheet and a white sheet. i took some pics in front of their fireplace and with the back drop. we spent about an hour taking pics and getting individuals of the kids and parents...when i got home i was disappointed. i hated them. so i asked missy if we could go somewhere and take them again. luckily for me she said yes. so off we went and i am sooo happy with the ones i got! hurray for beautiful days outside in november!


nettifer said...

SO freaking cute are those! Love them and Ellie is such a pretty little girl

Missy said...

I have faith in Staci Creswell Photography!! They turned out beautiful. I put the one of Allen and I on our computer as the wallpaper. I think we will use the one of all of us sitting on the stairs for the family picture...what do you think?