November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween

last night i took the kids trick or treating...the kids got lots of candy! we watched MI3 with the in-laws and went to bed. trick or treaters stopped coming about 7:30.

i had high hopes for our halloween dinner. we had tortilla chicken soup in pumpkins! and our soda was cooled by dry ice. b and k were at her dance class and m and a were horsing around during dinner...not staying in their seats. and f was mr. whinney pants! the kids started calming down when we started to carve the pumkins. but still no b and k. sad. very sad without dear old dad. our pumkins turned out really cute and a and m had fun! dinner was delicious if i do say so...and i do. better luck next halloween.

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nettifer said...

love the pumpkins!