January 27, 2007

High School Musical

k got high shcool musical pajamas for christmas from g-ma creswell and absolutely loves them and the movie. she sings the songs all the time. my friend and neighbor said her son, peyton, sings the songs by heart and dances too. so i had to see it. so i borrowed it from ang and watched it with k and jess. it was so good! way to go, disney! it reminded my a lot of grease. i loved all the songs and dancing. k said, 'it's a lot like sound of music, mom, cause they have a lot of singing and dancing too!' hence the word musical, i replied. she's so stinkin' cute. so the girls were singing and saying this is my favorite part and giggling. it was way cute. now we have to buy the soundtrach and add the movie to our collection. we gave a ton of videos to d.i. so the kids are limited to what they can watch. madagascar is getting really old. hurray for new kids movies! i love them! and if you haven't seen this movie you have to go rent it. it is so cute.


Kristi said...

Love that movie!! It was on Disney channel the other night and I watched it. Brayden keeps telling me we need to rent it.

nettifer said...

I want to watch that movie. It won tons of awards. I might just have to come over and borrow it. Love how she compared it to the sound of music!