January 26, 2007

Piano Lessons

i love fridays! after school every friday the kids, adam and kennidy, have piano lessons at my mother in laws. they love it. if they practice 5 times...they get a sticker. when the get 12 stickers they get to choose a prize out of the prize basket. my mother in law is so amazing. she is so patient with the kids and knows how to get their attention. kennidy is on her second year of piano and adam started this past september. he really enjoys making up his own compositions. he hates practicing but has to do it because we make him.

kennidy enjoys praciticing for the most part and has become quite the pianist. she likes to play for people. makinley will be starting violin lessons today. her focus will be on rhythms and counting right now and will be using a dowel as a bow. i think she will be into the arts. she's all girl. she got to see a baby sized violin today at grandmas (rachel has an even smaller one than this from germany) and was very excited. grandma told her in a while she will be able to play on it. this is so exciting. next year we will start makinley on piano...but for now the violin will take up both her and my time. hurray for musically inclined grandmas! gotta love 'em.

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nettifer said...

So Stinkin cute about the violin! we want M to play that. We love those tiny things and we think it is so cute when the little ones get up and play the music on them! So different from the piano! I can't wait to see them perform!