March 21, 2007


last night i was folding laundry and putting it away. m and f were playing downstairs. i went to put the towels away and i heard a loud bang followed by a wailing scream. i ran downstairs and there was f with a folding chair on top of him. the chair hit his eye and lip. pour baby...we got the bleeding to stop but he wouldn't keep anything cold on his eye. and i'm not surprized. so now he has a black eye. i actually thought it would be worse...and it could have been but he's tough.


Kristi said...

Sad, poor Ford!! Glad it wasn't worse.

nettifer said...

His first shiner! I am pretty sure it won't be that kids last! That is why we love him so dang much!

Missy said...

Sure a chair landed on his eye...that's what they always say.