June 04, 2007

Day 1

we're here! we are in aruba. our plane landed at 1:00pm and we stood in line at customs for about an hour. holy cow the lines were insane and people were fighting about others cutting in line ahead of them. and b was so calm and patient. he said complaining isn't going to make the lines move any faster. i just wanted to see the beach! well we finally got through customs and then waited in another line for a taxi. and it was hot and humid outside. we finally got our cab and drove about 20 min. to the marriott surf club.

it was beautiful. palm trees, waterfalls, pools, a lazy river, and the beach. and i immediately fell in love with there traffic signs. call me crazy but i love to see the unusual signs in different places.

we got up to our room, unpacked, showered, and went exploring. we made reservations to go scuba diving, ATVs, moonlight tour that only takes place when there's a full moon, and we just happened to be in aruba for that. we were really excited. we walked along the beach taking it all in and just enjoyed it all. i was excited to be there with just b. bring on the relaxation and sun.

our first night for dinner we ate at a small resturaunt by the hotel...on the beach. they had the best fish...wahoo. it was sooooooooooo yummmmmmmmy. i had never had it before but oh my gosh it was tasty. i ordered a virgin pina colada with a cherry on top and b ordered a strawberry daquiri. it was so magical being there together and eating with the wind blowing in our faces. i had to make a mental note of not leaving my hair down when walking, eating, or sun bathing by the beach. it was too windy. i had to eat with one had holding back my hair.

we watched the sunset on the beach and it was so wonderful. i can't wait for the rest of the week.


nettifer said...

Your pictures are so freaking beautiful and you guys had a lot of fun and it sound so romantic!

Veronica said...

Wow wow wow!!!! That is all I can say. It sounds like y'all had an inredible time. And I can't believe you and B didn't get sick of each other! Ha ha ha. That would be so much fun to go out there some time.

Miles and Bex said...

Love all the pictures! Hopefully you got the tan you wanted but you are already so naturally tan. You are lucky like Taegan. Any luck with selling your house or finding a new one? Keep us posted