July 15, 2007

joseph & kathryn's wedding

so my brother in law got married on friday the 13th. in idaho falls. what a gorgeous day. it started out by me getting out of bed at 4:45am...NEVER happens. got ready and out the door by 5:30am. i went across the street from the hotel to wal-mart to find some shoes and a shirt to match my white skirt. i was so happy that they were even open. hurray! then it was off to the temple...4 miles away for pictures at 7:00am.

pictures went well. joe and kathryn couldn't stop smiling. and that's just their personalities. what a fun and happy couple they will be. her dress was so simple and lovely. i just loved it. we were done in about 45 min. then they went inside the temple and i went back to the hotel to get dressed and help the girls with their hair. nothing fancy.

we got back to the temple for the sealing and it was beautiful. joe kept looking at kathryn, trying to make eye contact but she kept looking down and then at the sealer. she reminded me of me on my wedding day. i couldn't even look at b and when i did...i started to cry. NOT because i was unhappy...quite the opposite. my mil said she was the same way. the sealing was over and it was back outside for more pictures. they went well. in the sun.

when they were over we went back to the hotel to change for lunch. then to chuck-a-rama. yuk! but it was the cheapest thing my mil could find. i ate...not too much, i was very proud of myself, salad, cottage cheese, sticky buns, and a main course of chicken and mashed potatoes, and 2 diet cokes. then b took the kids back to the hotel for a nap and i went with my mil, sandy, leah, emilie, and david to the mall.

rachel, my mil, bought me a cute shirt from wet seal, and the girls found accents for their dresses for the reception. as we were leaving the mall...david, emilie, and i went into barnes and noble to find something for joe's wedding night. we found a game in a little pink box...it was kind of cute if you are into those kinds of games. we wrapped it up set it in the front seat of his car for their honeymoon. let the games begin. we were all so proud of ourselves. then it was off to the movie theatre for some harry potter movie tickets. we bought for the 10:10pm showing. we could do it and stay awake, we told ourselves.

then it was back to the hotel to change and out to blackfoot for the reception. we all got dressed and we were on our way. the kids and b took a long 2 hours nap and were well rested. i was starting to feel the effects of waking up at the crack of dawn. but i was doing okay. i slept for about 20 min. of our 30 min. drive. we got to kathryn's driveway...it was a long and bumpy gravel road. we read a sign that said to park in the pasture then walk up to the house. i was wearing heels and i was suppose to walk in the dirt and gravel to her house! you're killing me. it was a VERY slow walk. i ate fruit and ice cream and had a glass of water. then i was sick to my stomach. it was not good.

i went inside to get out of the heat and just layed on the couch until b came to tell me we were leaving. thank goodness. i felt like throwing up all the way home. at about 8:30 i threw up. all my dinner. i think it was a combination of dehydration and chuck-a-rama food. i didn't feel the best but i bucked up for harry potter and really enjoyed the movie. then after i went straight to bed.

got up in the moring to leave and slept in the car on the way home. got home and went back to bed. by sunday morning i was feeling 100% better. i am glad to be home.


Veronica said...

Oh my gosh, what a busy day! Totally reminds me of our wedding day. And the whole eye contact thing brings back memories. I was the same way!

nettifer said...

What a happy cute couple! Sorry you got sick! That sucks!

Oh yeah!

VEGAS BABY! Count me in!

Missy said...

What a long wonderful day. We found a pink care bear in Carson's room right after you left. I hope Makinley was alright without it.

Heather Jones said...

Sounds like you had a fun but crazy weekend!!! Weddings are so worth it though I love to see how happy and giddy they are !!!!