September 21, 2007

computers! ugh!

okay so i have this clicking noise on my computer and the clicking speeds up over a matter a minutes. when it clicks really fast the whole thing shuts down. so i took it into best buy for them to do a 3 day hard drive diagnostic. 3 days turned into 5 then 7. after getting the run around i went into the store to get my computer. they gave me some kind of crap line as to why they couldn't find out what was wrong. great! so you had my computer for 7 days and you couldn't find out what was wrong. i am so glad i paid 60 bucks for you to tell me that.
i brought it home, called my brother and noticed the supply fan was not working. thus the clicking. so now i can call dell and tell them exactly what is wrong and hopefully they can help me. never take your computer to best buy. their geek squad is a joke!


ishybeanie said...

that sucks, sorry, computers are a lot like cars I think. You can't live with them and you can't live without them. And I can't not fix either one.

nettifer said...

That really sucks. I was wondering where you were! I should have just called!