September 11, 2007

the ER

friday evening we got a knock on our door from a family in the ward. the heusser family had come to introduce themselves to us and bring us otter pops! then they invited us to the balloon races in reno for early saturday morning. b was still in palm springs but it sounded like fun so i said count us in.

we woke up at 3am and met the larkins at the heussers to caravan up to reno. we weren't on the road 10 min. when b started having cramps in his upper abdomen. i asked him if he was okay and he said yes.

he continued to groan and i told him to pull over and i would drive. he continued groaning...then came the chills followed by hot flashes. he started coughing so i pulled over...he jumped out and started dry heaving. i was really scared. he never gets sick! when he got back in the van i asked him if he wanted to turn around and go home or to the hospital. he could barely say the word hospital.

so i told him he would have to direct me there. he could hardly speak. just then my cell rang and it was the heussers wondering where we were. i explain what was happening and if they could lead me to the hospital. we all caravaned to the ER. i took b in and got him admitted while the heussers and larkins emptied my van of blankets and kids in to their own cars. when i came out everything was in order and they said they were taking the kids with them to see the balloons and not to worry. gary and shawn offered to give b a blessing before leaving and i was just speechless.

they left and b was given morphine to ease his pain then it was off for a CAT scan. we waited and waited. it came back negative. they wanted to do another. so he drank some iodine fluids of some sort that COULD kill you then do the CAT scan. after hours of waiting...the test came back negative. i was so happy that there was nothing wrong. i was so scared that he was going to die in our van. i told him that and he said he'd save that for next year. i told him he better save it for another 60+ years.

we missed the balloon races but caught some of it on the news during our wait in the er. when we got home the kids had so much to tell us. i was so glad that they were still able to go and that they went without hesitation. there was no crying for mom or dad. they all went happily. even f. what a blessing. i never could have handled this without these two wonderful families. they were miracles to me this day.

b is fine. he said when the doctor gave him a rectal exam he started feeling better. gross. he said the same thing but whatever works. he hasn't had any relapses and we don't know what caused it but are happy he is still with us. we love you, b.


Miles and Bex said...

Oh my goodness!! I am so glad that he is okay. What a great ward you guys moved into. They sound like great families to help you and be able to give B a blessing. What is up with moving and then having medical problems. I have never been to the hospital so much until I moved here. Maybe it is the lack of polution. I am glad he is okay. It definetly gives you a new perspective on life when things like that happen.

nettifer said...

Hello scary! Glad that B is okay and glad you have met some awesome people in your new area! I love the miracles of today!

ishybeanie said...

how scary, I'm glad everything turned out all right.

Veronica said...

That's terrible!! I hope he is okay. So scary that they don't know what caused his pain. Isn't it awesome that those families came through for you? The church is so cool like that. The Priesthood is the same where ever you go!

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Kristi said...

That is so scary! The same thing happened to BJ before we were married and he had to go through the same tests and found nothing, too weird. I am so glad everything is ok, and that you have good friends to help!

Heather Jones said...

What a scary experiance I am glad everything turned out ok for you guys!!! Todds sis just had the same thing happen on Friday the hospital gave her strong med's but could not find anything they said it has been going around some virus!! Who knows!!!