October 27, 2007

trunk or treat

it's that time again where all little kids and sometimes big kids dress up for halloween! last year i was a pregnant woman. this year...i was a bit shy and didn't go as anything. i got all the kids dressed...k was a pirate, a was a police officer, m was a mideval princess, and f was superman! they were all so cute. b got the trunk of our car all decked out...and won 2nd place for it! good job, honey! the kids went around and said 'trunk or treat'...well half of them did. f was just interested in the candy, of course. they had a great time.

m's ghost! spookey!

after trunk or treat the kids took showers for church the next day. this is f running away from me. silly boy. blackmail photo!


ishybeanie said...

what cute costumes, that is a spooky picture of M.

nettifer said...

Your kids look adorable! I love that F is superman. what an awesome costume!
I am still trying to find the color of my wall. I have not forgotten - sorry
magnet boards are so cute. That board is 30 inches wide by 54 inches tall. It is huge, but i hope to fill it up.

Veronica said...

Isn't it cool to know that all the wards operate the same no matter where you are? I swear every ward does trunk or treating! F is so cute. Blow that one up and frame it!

Maren said...

Your kids look so cute! Kennidy looks all grown up with her new hair cut. That picture of M with her ghost is interesting-- how'd you do it?
I always enjoy getting a peek at what you're up to. Thanks for posting!

Heather Jones said...

Ok that is freaky of M's ghost!!!I love the little naked picture definetly black mail!!!