November 08, 2007

cub scouts

oh how i love cub scouts! i am over the bear and wolfs and they are at such a funny stage. last night we talked about indians and played some really fun games. their favorite game was called TILLICUM. it's like rock, paper, scissors...only you use earth, fire, and water. with your fist being raised slowly to your shoulder while saying 'til-li'...then dropped to your waist on 'cum' and making the sign for earth, fire, or water you try and beat out your opponent. it was fun to watch these boys chant and laugh 'i won, i won'. the boys loved it. we had 2 boys who told a story from the bom so they could pass of a fig goal. it was cute. cameron told of lehi's son's going back for the brass plates. he got to the part where they were asked to go back for the daughters of ishmiel...sp...'lamen and lemual complained. then lehi said you need wives. so they went back to get their next door neighbors.' love that he said next door neighbors. so cute. i can't wait for a to be exposed to the scouting world. i hope it a great adventure for him.

anyways...we spent the afternoon playing at the workmans. right after school we headed over there to play and the kids had a great time. they are always asking me 'who can we play with mom?' at least once a week we try and play with friends. it would be more but our options are slim...there aren't a ton of friends where we live. but they do have fun on the days we all go over someone's house. including me. it gives me a chance to have real adult conversation. my conversation skills have been lacking the past 8 years. whenever the kids complain ' i never get to play with friends'...i say, 'neither do i'. they smirk at me and walk away.


ishybeanie said...

my boys refuse to do scouts, i wish they would although they don't have a very big attendence here.

nettifer said...

Yeah for play time!

Veronica said...

That's really too bad that there aren't many kids around y'all now! That must be a shock for the kids. Hey I set our blog to private so send me your new email address so I can add you to the viewers list!