November 12, 2007


november 12, 1999... i woke up early this morning and started getting ready for work. i was going to the bathroom more than usual and thought...this is strange. and was doing my hair when it happened. a gush of water came running down my leg. what? i thought...he's not due for another 2 weeks! i told b that it was time to go to the hospital because my water broke and he asked, 'are you sure?' (last time it wasn't my water). i showed him my pants and he called out neighbor to ask if she could watch k. while he was taking k to the neighbors i got in the car with a towel on my seat and buckled up. as soon as the seat belt clicked there was another gush of water. holy cow! i only have so many pairs of pants! i went back in as b was coming out and he knew by the way i was walking that i was going to change again.
we only live 10 min. from the hospital but it felt like 20. my contractions were coming and i kept telling b to hurry. we got to the hospital and i was dilated to a 5. i got my epidural right a way and 2 hours later we had a new member of our family. A was an 8lbs. bundle of boy (and joy) and had a full head of light brown hair. b was so excited to have his first boy! we couldn't have been happier. (until we added #3 and #4 later down the road.)
A's birthday always jumps out and surprizes me. it just a week after halloween and i am always scrambling for gifts and party supplies.

we are going to have a family party tonight and then a 'jungle' party on saturday with all of A's friends. we have put the traditional birthday cake to rest in our house and have rootbeer floats instead. we aren't big cake eaters so it'll be 8 candles in the ice cream! A is so excited to be 8. b and i got him an xbox with a couple games (b got some games for himself, too) and scriptures, primary song book, and carrying case. this is a tradition passed on from my parents. he also got watch walkie talkies from uncle gabe and aunt kristen, new sunday clothes from grandma and grandpa c, and a money from grandma and grandpa s...he already knows what he's going to buy! he will be baptized in utah over thanksgiving weekend . we are excited to see family...even my parents and some siblings will be excited for that.

A is such a sweet young man. we have loved watching him grow in all aspects of his life. you are such a special part of our family and we wouldn't be complete without you. happy birthday, A!


ishybeanie said...

what a cute picture of your little man. I'm way jealous that you get to go to Utah. I hope you get to see everone.

Veronica said...

8 is suuuuch a big milestone! Happy birthday A! Isn't it crazy how you can remember each birth like it was only yesterday??

Miles and Bex said...

Happy birthday Adam! Love the birth story. I will have to remember to do that when my kids have a birthday. Love all the pictures. Miles just bought be a nixon D40X. I am so excited.

nettifer said...

What a sweet story! I love how you wrote it down. Happy Birthday Adam! Can't wait to see you!

Heather Jones said...

So fun!! I also had my water brake at home with Kylie I thought it would never stop coming!!! Sounds like he got some fun things !!