December 15, 2007

11 christmas questions

1. wrapping paper or gift bags?
wrapping paper! i love to wrap my presents!
2. real tree or artificial?
both! this is the first year we have had a real tree. i like the look of the full artificial trees but there is something special about the smell and look of a real tree. especially one that has been cut down by your husband. so much love.

3. do you like eggnog?
i use to love eggnog but now a days i have a couple sips and i'm done. i love my hot chocolate with a candy cane much better.

4. favorite gift received as a child.
i really don't remember gifts i got as a child...i do remember that one year my parents filled a huge box with stuffed animals and a cabbage patch tape player with headphones. i thought that was pretty cool.

5. white or colored lights?
white, white, and more white. i love white! it's clean and pretty. i love that the stars are white in the sky and so lots of white lights on the tree. b put colored lights on the house this year. blew a fuse and gave up. lol. i love him for trying.

6. favorite christmas song.
oh i love martina mcbride's 'o holy night'...motab's handal's messiah...'away in a manger'...children's songbook christmas songs (all of them make me cry)...jenny phillip's 'silent night' is my all time favorite if i had to choose!

7. can you name all of santa's reindeer?
no. dasher, dancer, prancer, vixen, comet, cupid, doner, blitzen, and that all of them?

8. angel or star on top of your tree?
neither. i can't reach that high.

9. open presents christmas eve or christmas morning?
we open our christmas pajamas on christmas eve and everything else christmas morning. we all get pajamas... even dad and mom.

10. 5 favorite christmas traditions.
readings or singing from our christmas advent book (as often as we remember), taking family pictures for and making our christmas cards, dad putting the tree up and mom decorating it, homemade gifts and ornaments, and opening one present on christmas eve.

11. what do i love most about christmas?
i love being with my kids and husband. i love sharing my testimony of the reason we celebrate christmas. i love shopping for the perfect gifts. i love putting gifts under the tree and seeing the kids get excited about the 'new one' i just placed there that day and who it's for. i love surprizing b...and one day i will shop for myself and act really surprized when i get a package that says 'To Staci From Santa'. of course i'll need someone else to write it because everyone knows my handwriting. i love everything about this season.

happy christmas to you one and all!


The Seaquist Family said...

I don't know why but I am continually amazed at how clever my friends are. I am the best copier ever! Thanks for all the great ideas. Love it Staci! What a great snapshot into the Creswell Christmas.

Lisa said...

Staci... love the questions. I think I'll copy them for my blog too. Christmas is just so fun. And Mary's right... you are just so clever!

tasha said...

Staci you rock! I always love looking at your blog!