January 18, 2008

Swimming in January

My visiting teacher came over last night and asked me what we had planned for the 4 day weekend? Nothing. B still had to work and I still have to go to the gym. So she invited us to go swimming. Swimming in January?

So at 8:45 am we were off to the gym for my workout. Then we went home to shower, scrapbook, eat lunch, and find swim suits. I am so white it's disgusting. Shana was asking why we were so tan? I think the lighting was affecting her vision. Anyway...then it was off to the pool.

It was so fun. The kids just loved it. The Swim Center had 2 slides, diving boards, a theraputic pool (super warm), and one of those kiddie pools with water shooting out everywhere. They even had large nerf balls so F was in heaven. M and A braved the diving boards while K conquored the slides.

She also went off the high dive. That's a feat that I won't even do anymore. We had a great time! Thanks, Hamblins!

The kid's school was having a fundraiser at Baskin Robbins so after dinner we went to get some yummy ice cream! It was so yummy.

Then off to see Daddy ref a basketball game and then play in one. What fun.

I had the worst time taking pics of the game. I tried the fast motion setting...blurry...then the P setting...somewhat better. I finally just left it on the P setting with and ISO of 1600. I can't remember if I used automatic setting for white balance or changed it to florescent but I do remember one of them didn't work and I want to say it was the florescent. But here are some of them.

I took a ton and now have to weed through the ones I don't need. Ugh. But what a fun day.


ishybeanie said...

how fun, we are so bored we can't hardly stand it. there is nothing fun to do when it is cold outside.

Melissa said...

Yeah, the most exciting thing we have planned today is icecream at McDonalds! Wish you were here! Also, I wish you were here to help me with this blog. My video and pictures are not transferring. Help!!!:)

Maren said...

What a nice pool! That looks like a lot of fun.