March 09, 2008

Finally...A Baby Girl

I was so excited last Thursday when I got a text message from our good friends the They have 3 stinking cute boys, one of which is betrothed to M. They had Baby #4 and never wanted to know the sex of the baby. And it was a GIRL! I love it. She is adorable. Brandon just happened to have a work trip next week and I gave him specific instructions to take a gift for the baby and a picture with her. I am so happy that they finally got their girl and she is going to have so much fun with all those little boys to take care of her. What a sweetie. Congrats, Ang and Skee. I love her name btw. So cute.

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Miles and Bex said...

Yeah, they got a girl. I can only imagine how cute she is. Their boys are so dang cute.