April 14, 2008

Opening Day

Saturday was Opening Day for all baseball players, young and old. Okay not that old. It all started with a parade, pancake breakfast, opening ceremonies, and let the games begin. They are crazy here about their sports. Serious Crazy.

This is A's 5th year playing baseball, 2nd year at machine pitch. He loves it. His coach is a die hard Dodgers fan but told the kids that if they wear a Dodgers baseball cap to practice, he'll make them run laps. They are the Indians this year! A is so excited. His league gets real uniforms and normally have to turn them in at the end of the season but this year they're 'retiring' his teams uniforms and so the kids get to keep them. Score! I don't know who won the game...they were playing 5 strike outs and batting the entire line up. A's team went through their line up, 2 innings, with only 1 out. I thought that was a little unfair. But I think his team won. A struck out once and got on base once. It was fun to watch him. We need to work on his swing though. All the boys were swinging like girls. It was funny. There was no effort and the parents were trying to tell them to get made and really wack it. We'll see how tonight goes. They have another game!

K had her first soccer game on Saturday too. 8 am bright and early. We were prepared for cold weather that I even brought my gloves. It was a good thing though because K was put in as goalie. She did an awesome job. I told her not to be afraid of the ball. I also told her that she could do anything she needed to to make sure that ball didn't go in the goal...fall on it...dive...punch it out of the way...anything. She reminded me of Mikell, the best goalie ever, on our indoor soccer team. Those were great days! K's team won 1-0. They were all so excited. I volunteered along with another parent to help her coach this year. Last year he had 3 assistants and this year he doesn't have any and since I have to be there I might as well help. I am excited. I forgot my camera...it was too early to really think, but I will post pictures of her next game. Her team is the Mighty Manitars! There's a mouthful.

We concluded our busy Saturday weeding. Our yard and as a service project/ fundraiser for Cub Space Camp for A, we weeded our neighbors yard. We had another family in the ward help and HOLY COW! Those weeds were out of control. We worked for 2 1/2 hours on one side of her yard, not making any progress, and then finally bringing out the Roundup. For the second time. Those weeds were insane.

Then it was a BBQ at our friends house. The minute I sat down I felt like I could have fallen asleep. When we did come home I could only stay awake long enough to get the kids bathed and then it was off to bed for all of us. Sunburned and tired. I slept good.


guinevere said...

What an amazing day! A's uniforms do look great. Wouldn't expect anything less from K...she's an awesome soccer player, it's in her blood girl! I bet your bed never felt soooo good!! Have a happy day.

Joey & nettifer said...

I love busy/fun days! No time to sit.
Yeah for outdoor time!

ishybeanie said...

what a cute baseball player.

Lisa said...

Busy days you have going on... we are just doing scouts, piano and ballet right now. Not too bad. Baseball looks fun! What a great baseball/soccer mom you are!!!

Veronica said...

Cody and I passed a little league practice yesterday and said to each other "That is going to be our life in a few short years!" I think it will be fun. Crazy busy, but fun.