May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

This was what our Memorial Day weekend looked like. Cloudy...Rainy...Cold. Saturday we had planned to go hiking with another family in our ward. But when Saturday rolled around there was snow in the mountains and rain on the valley floor. So we went to plan B. Kickball at the church! We had so much fun! Then it was over to the Workman's house for hot dogs and a movie. National Treasurer 2. Not as good as the first one. We bbq-ed our hot dogs over an open fire (aka. wood burning fireplace) in their living room. It was cool. The kids felt like we were really camping but enjoyed being warm inside while roasting their dogs. We even roasted marshmellows for some yummy S'mores! They were sooooo good. I didn't used to like them when I was younger but these marshmellows were so yummy. Thanks kids! You did a great job.

Sunday, we had some really great talks about our country and those who have served in the military to protect our freedoms. It seems that lately our soldiers have been fighting for the rights of others but still...I am so thankful for all who serve to keep our freedoms in tact. I have so many freedoms I enjoy everyday...some that I take for granted or utilize without blessed we are to live in this promised land. I am so grateful for this land, America.

Monday, Brandon and some guys went golfing. Thanks to Brian's FREE golf pass...they didn't have to pay a penny. That's what I call a Great Golf Day. While the guys golfed, I took the kids to the gym with me. Then it was home to clean the house, weed the front yard/landscaping, and mow the lawn. And thanks to Lynette's help with the lawn mower last year...I was able to mow the lawn for Brandon. He was so glad not to have to do it. He doesn't mind it but it was a nice surprise. The weather was still cloudy but by 3:30 the sun made a special appearance just in time for our Memorial Day BBQ. The Workmans and the Baileys came over and we had some really yummy food and the kids and dads played Freeze Tag outside. I was so happy that they were able to enjoy the backyard. I was worried with all the bugs that have been back their but due to the rain and cold...I haven't seen any bugs. The rain is good for a few things.


ishybeanie said...

love the Memorial Day B-B-Q. Although it is called a cook out here. We had one too. so yummy

Maren said...

Sounds like a busy and fun weekend. I'm glad you have friends to do things with. One thing I don't understand though-- How could you have an open fire in a front room??? Wow!! Sounds a bit scary if you ask me. Those clouds on the first picture look really cool.

Joey & nettifer said...

we are nice wives to mow the lawn every once and awhile for our hubbies :)
Our weekend sounds a lot the same cold! BUt we are super mom's and make the best out of it! Glad you had a good weekend!