June 03, 2008

Seasons Ending....School, Sports, Spring

Last week...

Wednesday: Super Student Awards- K and A both received the Super Student Award...and I accidentally deleted their pics before I downloaded them to my computer from my camera, idiot! This Award is given to students who got 6 out of 8 Student of the Months. We are so proud of A and K for working so hard this school year. They have both done really well. They don't award Kindergarteners but M did exceptionally well this year and we are just as proud of her!

Friday: 4th Grade Math Olympics- K was a little nervous but she did really well. She was glad she got out when she did because she didn't want to be faced with the hard division!
All Star Soccer- K made the All Star team this year and is really excited. Their first practice was great. I am sad I won't be able to watch her game but I am looking forward to her telling me all about it.
Ten kids- We had K's 2 friends over after school on Friday until 7. And the Workman kids (4) while their parents went to the temple. They were all so good and played really well together but man were they loud. Loud laughter! When Brandon came home I met him in the garage and said, 'I am so glad we don't have 10 kids!' He surprised us with 2 new movies. 'Little Rascals', can't get enough of this movie...so cute...and 'Night at the Museum'. Both really good movies. When I came home from K's soccer practice the kids were watching 'Mary Poppins'. The little girls were really into it but the boys just wanted to play the XBox. Sorry guys...maybe next time.

Saturday: Soccer and Baseball. K's team played the Hammerheads again. Last time the Hammerheads beat them 6-0. This time around they tied 1-1. I was so proud of all of them. They did awesome.
The Indians, A's team, played their first playoff game and won 6-1. It was strange the first 4 innings neither team was hitting. All strike outs. Our guys kept asking when the game was going to end and I told them, I was dug out mom, 'In the playoffs teams play until someone wins (they were tied 1-1)'. So they upped their game. They made 5 runs the next inning and prevented any runs to secure their win in the last inning. It's amazing what a little motivation will do...someone has to win!

Monday: Talent Show. M's kindergarten class sang and danced to the cutest rock rendition of Itsy Bitsy Spider. They all wore black and made these cute spider hats. So cute.

K played 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', a new composition by her piano teacher, and she did really well. I was so pleased.

Then her 4th grade class performed 'American Rap'. Too funny.

A's friend, Timothy played his violin with Mrs. Kotik...Koby and Emma sang 'I Am a Child of God', so sweet...and the Fraser brothers (aka Sibling Rivalry) rocked out closing the Talent Show. It was so fun to see all the talent.

Tuesday: Fun in the Sun. Today the kids will get to play...ALL DAY LONG. I'll let you know all the activities they had when I get the report after school.

Spring is going and Summer is coming. I can't wait! We have May Flies and I hate them. All over the house and hovering over the lawn...when it gets hotter...they leave. Or so I'm told. It can't get hot quick enough. We are enjoying our spring and we love this weather. Same as Utah so far.


ishybeanie said...

I love this busy time, cuz you know it wont last long, summer is here

Joey & nettifer said...

Holy cow busy lady and kids. Your kids sound like they are doing wonderful and happy as can be.

What you have mosquitos in NSL and now flies - can we never get away from bugs.