July 05, 2008

At the Cabin with the Dustins

To kick off our summer vacation...we went to the Cabin with the Dustins! We had so much fun with them. It wasn't as hot this week as it was last year so we were thankful for cool breezes and pleasant summer nights.

Wednesday, Brandon and Kevin enjoyed a round of golf and took everyone but Mandi, Makinley, and I on the 'Head of the Ditch' hike.

On their way back, they raced leaves down the irrigation ditch. Tradition. After lunch, the kids went swimming in the lake. We enjoyed canoeing, paddle boating, and lounging around on the floaties. By the end of the week the little ones were jumping off the deep end of the dock...'the Man Jump', Chaser called it. Love him.

Thursday, Brandon and Kevin enjoyed another round of golf. And after many board games and lunch, we headed down to the lake for more swimming. Brandon and Keving showed the kids what happens when you capsize a canoe. Then they tried to stand on it while it was turned over. We laughed so hard. I finished my book...Wicked! What a depressing book. I'll never read it again and was told it is nothing like the musical. So glad.

Friday, We took the kids fishing...didn't catch anything but a Sucker...come to find out that they aren't fish you want to eat! So Kevin just threw it in the bushes to die. Not a fish you want to throw back in the water either as it steals food from other fish. Not a nice fish.

The kids had fun playing in the sand while we waited for bites and chasing butterflies. There were so many! When we got back to the Cabin after fishing...new sand had been delivered to the lake. The kids were in heaven.

Mandi and I were able to head into town for a 'Girls Day Out'. It was so peaceful shopping without all the kids. Last year, Jenn taught us how to crank homemade ice cream. So this year we took her recipe and tried it on our own. So for our last night at the Cabin we made homemade ice cream. It turned out pretty yummy but I sure did miss Jenn's ice cream. We invited Brandon's cousin, Janelle, and her 3 girls to come over and play games Thursday and Friday night. It was good to get to know her better. Mandi taught us 'Nines' and Brandon and Kevin battled in Sequence and Ace Duce.

We had such a great week! Thanks, Dustins for coming to the Cabin with us.

We had so much fun catching up with you and making fun memories. Next year...your Cabin!


Veronica said...

That looks like a blast! I can't believe Mandi is 8 months preggo. She looks so good. I'll bet that water was soooo cold!

PhillipsFam said...

How fun to see you AND the Dustins! Looks like you had a blast too - vacation w/ friends - I didn't know that was allowed, we always waste ours on family!! :)

Bellie said...

That looks like so much fun, all the kids seem to have really enjoyed doing all those awesome activities, what a blast!! It was good to see you last week thanks for inviting me to the dinner :)

Joey & nettifer said...

You had a way fun trip! So glad I got to see you guys!