August 21, 2008

Tooth Fairy

A and K both lost teeth Sunday night. It was crazy. A hasn't lost any teeth since he 'yanked' out his two bottom teeth with bubble wrap 2 years ago.

The next day, K ran into A's mouth and loosened another tooth for him. Oh it was ugly. It came out the next day at the pool. He's keeping the Tooth Fairy busy. While loading up his piggy bank. Oh happy day!


Elizabeth said...

Wow! Two at one time! I can't imagine. Rachel's keeping the tooth fairy busy all by herself here at our house as it is. Although, last time she lost one, Michaela asked me when she'll get a loose tooth too. She's only three, and wanting a loose tooth! I told her, "Wait until you're 5." ha!

The Draper's Mo,Matt, Mase, Max said...

Your kids are too cute!!