October 04, 2008

Kokanee Salmon and Angora Lake

Tuesday, Paula, Jenni, and I took the kids (F, Kirsten, Racquel, and Jaynie) to South Lake Tahoe to see the Kokanee Salmon. I hope I got the name right. It was such a pretty day. Perfect fall weather. We walked along the river and watched the Kokanee jump out of the water and swim. The kids loved watching the salmon. 'Don't touch the water', Jaynie would say. 'It's bad.' I learned that when the Kokanee turn red...their bodies give off a toxin and start to die. Thus...do not touch the water...it's bad. Each year, the bright red Kokanee salmon return to spawn in their home stream of Taylor Creek. There is even a Kokanee Festival and people come from all over to see this. I think I enjoyed taking pictures more than watching the salmon. But to each his own.

After seeing the salmon, Paula drove us to the top of the world...to Lake Angora.

It was beautiful. We could see two valleys. One of each side of us. It was incredible. We hiked up to this beautiful lake...I called it 'The Lake of Shining Waters' (I've been reading 'Anne of Green Gables'). We found a nice little beach to eat our lunch and just enjoyed the scenery. The kids played by the water and I was so impressed that they all hiked to the top. They were great! We took pictures and just had a great time.

Then it was time to go home. So sad. Walking back to the car, F says, 'I have to go potty, Mom.' 'Do you have to go poop or pee?' I secretly hoped it was pee cause I'd just have him go near a tree. 'Both', he says. So we run down the mountain, as fast as possible, and get to the potties. Oh nasty! Porta Potties enclosed. We ran in and got his pants down and I threw his trash in before I put him on the potty. The smell was so powerful and I was trying to breathe through my mouth. F was breathing heavily through his nose. 'Breathe through your mouth and it won't smell as bad', I said. When he was done and pulling his pants up I noticed a sign on the wall. It said, 'Please DO NOT throw your trash in the potty. It's really hard to get out!' Ooops!

What a fun day in Lake Tahoe. Thanks, Paula for being our tour guide.

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