November 02, 2008


Oh how I love Halloween! Our ward Trunk or Treat was fun. Everyone had a 'costume' this year. K was a Nerd. A was Anakin Skywalker. M was a Princess, again. F was the podracing Anakin Skywalker...with a lightsaber. I was a pregnant mom...and Brandon was a pregnant mom's husband.

Every year the elementary school puts on a Halloween parade. I missed most of it this year but the kids had fun and I went to all their classrooms...and wouldn't you know it...lots of treats! No games or crafts...I was sad once again. But on with Halloween.
We went trick or treating with the Heussers and the Workmans. Minus Jenni who was relaxing in Utah with her mom and sister. So Wayne had all his kids. I love this picture of Wayne with ALL the kids. Super dad!

We hadn't been out long when F decided he was done.
Mom: 'F, do you want to go to this house?'
F: 'No. I'm good.'
Dad: 'F, you need to get more candy for me.'
F: 'No. I have enough candy.'

Oh how we laughed. I don't think I have ever or will ever hear a child say those words again. Too funny. Wayne ended up taking Racquel and F home to play and we finished up the neighborhood with 4 tired parents and 10 giddy kids. We had a lot of fun.


Joey and Nettifer said...

Way cool costumes! Next year we are going with the star wars theme! Freaking adorable! M & F sound a lot alike. M was done after the 3rd house, but I pushed her on!

PhillipsFam said...

So funny - Kels said almost the exact same thing about the candy! In the long run she just did me a favor so there isn't as much to tempt me!

ishybeanie said...

love the costumes, love halloween but am way glad when it is over

Bellblogging said...

Love the costumes! And love your new kids picture at the top.

Creswell-Hyde Away said...

I sure miss all my kids at Halloween! Last year I had Asher and Tatiana and the years before Kennidy, Adam, Makinley and Ford! I was sad this year. Thank you for sharing on the blog!

Love Grandma C

Anonymous said...

does this mean you're pregnant for real?