November 22, 2008



Okay so I have made it quite clear that I wasn't nuts about the cast for this movie. Nevertheless, I went with some girlfriends last night.

Overall...I liked it. The movie did a good job in following the book. I was disappointed with the casting and acting. Low budget films are never the best but hopefully with the money made from this one the next 3 will be better. With this's probably kind of hard to play 'fantasy roles'.

Cast...Bella was good, I thought. I really liked the simplicity of her character. Edward was still yuk! Alice was okay. Jasper...looked like a deer in headlights and Kendra said, 'He looks like Edward Scissor Hands.' Oh I LOL! The vampire family as a whole was disappointing. Too pale, too ordinary. Nothing striking like some actors and actresses. I did like Charlie. He was casted very well. Jacob...have you ever seen 'Shark Boy and Lava Girl'? Hello Shark Boy! When I first saw him all I could picture was a character with spiky hair and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. I had to laugh. I will be interested to see how they morf him into a werewolf. Oh and who's the oldest werewolf...I can't remember his name right now but in the book, if I remember correctly...he was buff. Sam. In the movie he was the exact opposite. I pictured him much differently and was a little disappointed with him. He didn't strike me as a leader.

Moving on...acting and special effects. Oh my.

Likes:The first kiss was done really well. In fact all their intimate moments were done rather nicely. They made me feel like they were really in love and couldn't be without the other. The attraction on screen was done very well. I call it the Lust Factor.

The running scene. I really liked these. I liked seeing that the women had just as much power and the men. Crackling fly balls, thunderous collisions...very well done.

Bella's narration. This was a good touch. A majority of the book was in her head. So I thought this was good.

High School scenes were done well.

Bella's house was better than I had pictured in my head. I was pleasantly surprised. And I loved all the green. Green grass, green trees, green fern plants, green moss.

I thought it was cool that the Edward's character actually wrote the piano piece he played in the movie. That was a nice touch.
Because the movie stayed rather close to the book...I will see the rest of the movies.
It was funny. I have to say I laughed at the cheesy, corny, and even the actual funny parts.
Dislikes:You know the scene where Edward is sucking the venom out of Bella's arm? When he kept sucking...he had a look on his face that made us laugh. It was almost...too much. He looked wildly possesed.

Remember the meadow scene? What meadow scene? Oh yeah the one in the book where Edward shows Bella what happens to his skin when the light hits it! Oh I loved that 'scene' in the book! Jeannette heard bells chiming when Edward's skin started sparkling. I missed this because I was once again laughing at the way it was done. Corney is a word that comes to mind.

I would have like to see the van accident in slow motion. Edward's speed...I picture Clark Kent's speed...rushing slow moe....stopping the van with his palm and making ripples in it's steel exterior. It was too fast.

I missed the character development that you get from the books.

Carlisle grew on us. But he looked like a clown at first appearance, according to Kendra. There were some scenes that he looks natural as a vampire could look.

Edward's dialogue was almost forced. I didn't get any indication of his being hundreds of years old. There was nothing odd about the way he talked...nothing 18th century...he actually sounded like he didn't know English and was trying to find the correct words. Kendra said he sounded mentally challenged.

I would have like to see Bella a little more clumsy.
Critic...I liked it. I didn't love it. But is as satisfying. I'll buy it when it comes out on DVD.


melynda said...

i agree with you. except jasper was my favorite character!! i did love how bella narrated but i didnt feel like they got into the love story as much as they should have. they just made edward look like a looser stalker wierdo! good not great!!

Leah Re-Etta said...

I LOVED it! I haven't read the first book for quite a while so I didn't have anything to compare it with. You talk about the cheesy parts in the movie that you didn't like but I remember the books being EXTREMELY cheesy. I thought the movie cut out some of the cheesiness. I loved the look on Jasper's face and now that you mentioned it he completely looks like Edward Scissorhands. I did think the whole cullen clan were way pale but if they weren't so pale I think both carlisle and edward are very good looking. I just found out that the actor that plays Edward is Cedric Digory in the 4th Harry Potter movie:) Did you know that? Anyways...I liked the movie and I totally want to see it again. (especially since I saw it at 11:00 pm and was dozing during the "meadow" scene.)

PhillipsFam said...

I'm also hoping they make more money so the next ones will be better - I enjoyed it, didn't LOVE it and have high hopes for the rest! I'm totally with you on the Edward Scissor Hands thing too - I laughed about that everytime I saw Jasper! Was one of the guys w/ Jacob Sam? I thought it was the other two friends, Quill and don't remember the other ones name....

Emilie said...

I love that you said Jasper looked like edward scissorhands. My friend said the same thing too. i couldn't stop laughing when the movie described him as looking as if he were in pain. haha I really didn't go into it thinkin it was going to be as great as the book. You can't even compare to such an amazing book, so I was very pleased with the movie. I'm on my way to see it for the 3rd time tonight. :) yeah!

Lisa said...

Staci, you crack me up with all your detailed likes and dislikes. I went last week and really enjoyed it. I guess I wasn't expecting perfection... so I came away really thinking they did well. I loved Bella and Edward grew on me through the movie. Loved it!

Draper's said...

I love your comments!! You should be a movie critic!! I saw the movie last week. Loved it!!