December 07, 2008

Christmas Programs

A and M had their Christmas Concerts last Thursday. They sang so beautifully. A was peeking over at us to make sure we were watching and did a really good job. And M was so excited and 'nervous', she says, about singing. I got really excited when she told me she was singing 'I Saw Three Ship'...I don't even know if that's the correct title...but...while I was doing her hair she started singing it for me. Super cute.

All this week we have been getting ready for our RS Christmas Program today. We put the finishing touches on the gifts we gave the women in the ward...CD's with inspirational music...and our program brought the spirit and tears of joy for our Savior, Jesus Christ. Music always have a way of doing that. I love to be around women in the gospel...they have such a strong spirit about them. It was wonderful.

Now that these programs are done...I can focus on more projects to complete and stocking stuffers. I fail every year with the stockings. If anyone has any great ideas...please let me know.


Lisa said...

One thing Santa brings my kids is $6.00 gift cards from Barnes and Noble. Then for one Family Home Evening in January we go as a family and everyone gets to buy a new book. Super fun tradition!!!

cmshort said...

Target has a whole aisle dedicated to stocking stuffers, from games, to toys and treats. I love it. You should check it out.

Miles and Bex said...

Taegs program is tomorrow. I am excited. We are stayingn in Alaska for Christmas. But now I am kinda wishing we would have gone to Utah. I am missing my fam way too much.

John Boy said...

I love you for all that you do and the love you share with everyone else. How you manage it all is beyond me.

Stocking Stuffer idea...Blueray DVD player :)