February 12, 2009

Ice Skating

Last night we went ice skating for one of the last FREE nights. K, M, and F were so good and had so much fun. I had fun but couldn't get the right setting on my camera...thus I am left with a whole lot of blurry pictures. Nighttime, arena lights, fast moving...is there a setting? I know there is...I just can't ever get it. Oh well. We had lots of fun. F and M borrowed some of Jenni's double bladed skates and did really well. Jumping, running...of course all these things were done while holding onto mom or the wall. K had fun but her skates kept rubbing against a bone in her foot. This is only the second time she's gone skating but also the second time this bone has been hurting her. When you look at her foot she has a really low arch and this bone kind of sticks out. But this is the only time we really notice it. I wonder if we should get it checked out...or just stop ice skating. Thanks, Jenni for helping with M. She just adores you!

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