February 13, 2009


Soft . Fluffy . White . Powder . Floating . Drifting . Gliding along . Weaving in and out . Making s's in the snow...and I am woken by a painfully raspy cough coming from my youngest child. Oh no! Not today! F woke with a burning fever and the most painful sounding cough.

Today marked the last day for boarding at Mt. Rose. The ski resorts reported 'the biggest snow fall of the season' and 'this weekend will be the best skiing so far this season' and...I missed it! Oh well. Paula assured me that we would go up for $29 Ladies Day.

I was so sad to miss it but glad to be home with F. He was so cute. About every 10 min. he would come up to me...holding his hand over his forehead and ask, 'Do I feel better?' Mostly he didn't. But he has been so good. He wanted to play the Wii this morning but I told him that he needed to relax and take a nap first. So after watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars...he got in bed next to me...yes, I was showered and dressed reading a book...and took a nap. Then he was ready to play the Wii. I read Five Monkeys Wash a Car twice and then relented. He stayed in his pajamas all day and told me, 'If you're sick, you have to stay in your jammies.' So cute.

K and A came home early from snowboarding. They said the wind was so strong at times they couldn't see because it was blowing the powder everywhere. K also told me that while boarding, they got caught in some snow that was up to her thighs! Wow. Paula said once you got of the lift you just stood there because the wind was so strong you couldn't move. Emma was blown backwards and couldn't move forward. Poor Emma. It's tough being so little and light. But they had fun and K bought everyone hot chocolates. She's so sweet.

M had fun at her V-day party and got so much candy. And Grandma Sanchez sent V-day packages that the kids were so excited for they HAD to open them today. They couldn't wait any longer. They loved all their candy and goodies that were inside. Thanks, Mom. You're the best! I did put their envelopes in our V-day mailbox. They have to wait to open those tomorrow. I told M that I would make pink scrambled eggs, pink pancakes, and purple butter for breakfast. She wanted something red but I can't bring myself to make anything red...unless it's juice. That would just be gross looking. We'll see what we come up with tomorrow.


Stephanie said...

Hi Staci,

Jayce is sick today too. He had 104 temp. I wonder if they have the same thing since they were together the other day. No fun having sick kids. Colton had a hard time understanding why Jayce wouldn't get up and play with him and Jayce couldn't understand why Colton wouldn't leave him alone. Poor kid.

foxie4 said...

Staci you are the cutest mom. I need to be more like you. Everyone is sick. This sucks.