March 08, 2009

8 Things....

These are in no particular order.

8 favorite TV shows...
1. Smallville
2. Bones
3. Knight Rider
4. Chuck
5. Alias
7. Go Diego Go
8. Anything on Disney

8 things I look forward to...
1. Making a really good wheat bread so I wouldn't have to buy it at the store anymore.
2. Seeing my children marry in the temple
3. Traveling more with Brandon
4. Brandon coming home everyday from work
5. Graduating something
6. Quilting more (one day I'll have time)
7. Moving again
8. being a real Photographer

8 favorite places to eat...
1. REDS 365
2. In An Out Burger
3. Panda Express
4. Cheesecake Factory
5. PF Changs
6. Olive Garden
7. The Cracker Box
8. Wingers

8 things on my wishlist...
1. I wish I had a job as a travel agent or with the airline so I could travel whenever I want.
2. I wish I lived in a really beautiful place.
3. I wish I had more patience.
4. I wish I had a degree so if anything happened to Brandon I could provide for our family.
5. I wish I could be a hair stylist.
6. I wish money was never invented.
7. I wish I could be a size 6, again.
8. I wish that I will make it to the celestial kingdom with my entire family.

8 favorite movies...
1. Sweet Home Alabama
2. The Holiday
3. Harry Potter
4. HSM (I love all of them)
5. Italian Job
6. She's the Man
7. Pearl Harbor
8. Emma

8 People I tag...
1. Becky
2. Kim
3. Leah M.
4. Jeanni
5. Kennidy
6. Che
7. Jenn W
8. Tasha



Bellblogging said...

Sounds like a fun tag. I will do it when I get a minute! Hey just wanted to let you know we were on a cruise to Mexico and saw famous little Mckenlie on the Del Sol posters! I got a couple pictures and will post them with our cruise post! She looks beautiful!

Draper's said...

Love the lists!!! Sweet Home Alabama is my favorite too. Your sleding pictures look like lots of fun!!

guinevere said...

Tagged...holy cow cute lady, I've been a terrible blogger lately. I'll get right on it though. Thanks for hanging tough with my blogging disabilities~~~You rock.