May 01, 2009

Pinewood Derby

A was so excited for Pinewood Derby. He had a baseball game that overlapped but he didn't care if he missed part of his game. Pinewood Derby is HUGE to these Cubs. In the sense that they have SOOOOOO much fun together.
Before he could take and race his car...I had to make some adjustments. Additions. I pulled out ALL his legos, nightmare, trying to find parts that fit...I probably need to play with legos more because this took me a long time. Finally I came up with a driver, steering wheel, and something to put on the back.

Then I weighed it. 3 3/4! What! I added 3 quarters. Almost but still not to 5oz. I thought hard. One more quarter would put me over. What did I have that was heavy but light? So I tried my Church key! YES! Perfect. 5oz. exactly.

A was really excited when he saw the finished product. He has so much fun racing. And we saw many lego drivers this year. Maybe lego should come out with a Lego Derby Car.

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Barry and Jeanni said...

I find it funny when the parents put as much time in the car as the kids do :)