July 09, 2009

Fourth week of summer

*Pictures still to come.
Monday. Still in Idaho and it was time to do some laundry. K and I sat in the laundry mat and watched '13 Going On 30' while our 6 loads of laundry spun around and around. Brandon took the other kids to the park so they wouldn't get bored. 3 hours and a movie later...we went to lunch at the Cracker Barrell where the kids found 'Razzles'. 'Razzles' are the perfect treat to eat while you're watching...Transformers: Revenge of the something or other. Transformers 2. It was AWESOME. We loved it so much. The kids said, 'That one girl was freaky!' LOL.
Tuesday. The Dustins made it to the cabin safe and sound. We were so excited to see them. And since I have a bad memory I really can't remember what we did when they first got there. I remember unpacking and hanging out at the lake. And that about sums up our week at the cabin. Honestly. We had yummy food...thanks, Jen and Mandi. I gained 10lbs.
Wednesday. Kevin and Brandon were up at the crack of dawn for their Tee Time. They were back by 10:30ish which was nice. The Woodruffs made it safe and sound after a LONG day of driving to the cabin. We were so excited to see them, too! And again...spent most of our time at the lake. Ate yummy food. Went on a hike to the head of the ditch...took a group picture which I haven't been able to transfer from my laptop because Brandon took my thumb drive and left it at work...and swam some more. The kids enjoyed games, sleeping in the tent, swimming, hiking, 4th of July Bingo (thanks, Jen), Hodgy Podgy (thanks, Maren), Costco bag of Swedish Fish (thanks, Mandi and Jen), Peanut Butter Bird Feeders (thanks, Jen), Marble Painting (thanks, Rachel), jumping off the dock, squirk guns (thanks, Dustins), kayaking, tipping over the kayak like high school boys (Kevin and Brandon), and just spending time with friends.
Thursday. Another early day for our guys...Brandon, Kevin, and Bishop Woodruff. They can't get enough of golf. But were back by 10:30ish. Today we went fishing and kayaking. The littlest ones spent their time on the playground by the beach. Kevin caught a fish for McKenzee, Ford, and Makinley. Kennidy and Adam both caught fish as well. I can't remember anyone telling me if Keaton or Alec caught anything. But if they didn't, which I would be surprised, they were super duper Patient. What're those fishing rules again...Patient . Quiet . Patient .
Friday. Another day of golf. When the guys got back they offered to watch the kids while us girls went to town but we decided that we didn't know Boise well enough to venture out this year. Maybe next time we'll set something up before hand like a movie or something. We actually were just content to hang out at the lake. And so we did. More swimming. In fact today the water guns were brought out and we had a massive water fight. There was dunking, squirting, wrestling...and tons of fun and smiling faces. I lost my sunglasses jumping in after Adam. I told him if he squirted me I'd push him off the dock. He jumped in and I went after him. I don't swim in the lake so this was a first. Earlier this week I had my camera attached to my body so no one would get any ideas. Sadly to say as I went out of an inner tube Brandon thought it would be fun to flip my tube. Not so fun for me. He has to do this at least once every time we go swimming.

Saturday. While the Dustins were packing up to head home, Jen pulled out her Peanut Butter and Bird Seed to make Bird Feeders with the kids. They loved it. Thanks so much for spending a few days with us, Dustins. We love you. The rest of us got ready to head into the Boise Zoo. After driving is a SQUARE 3 times...we finally found it. So much for GPS. It was a cute zoo.

Next we were off to dinner at Pizza Hut. Yummy. We never eat there but since we didn't know where the KFC was...this would do. After stuffing ourselves we made our way to Ann Morrison Park. This park is 153 acres of green grass, a huge playground, Frisbee Golf, and the Boise River running through it. And who knows what else. Every 4th of July they set off fireworks from this park. We toured the park to kill time. It was hot and the kids were such good sports. By the time we made our way back to the train depot we were so tired, hungry, and super thirsty. Mark and Brandon went out in search of somewhere to buy cold drinks. They were victorious and we were so happy when they returned.
The fireworks were really good. We couldn't hear any music like we've been able to in the past but Brandon said, 'Budget cuts.' Oh well. My favorite were the ones that filled up the entire sky.

Sunday. We left the cabin today. Thanks, Woodruffs for hanging out with us again. We really miss seeing you. We are so grateful for the friendships we have through our church. We have met some amazing people who love the Lord and share the same values as us. Till next year!

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guinevere said...

Holy cow...we had a blast too. What fun memories we have created with your darling family!! It's just so awesome to get away from our busy lives and just relax, EAT, and be together with friends (you & the Dustin's). Thanks again...can't wait for next year!! :) PS Hodgy Podgy totally ROCKS!!!