December 02, 2009

Ornament Exchange

I am also participating in an Ornament Exchange this week.  I new I'd be busy this week so I got my ornaments done in advance and so glad I did because Emily called me 30 min. after the exchange began to ask if I was still coming. She lives right across the street and I had totally spaced it.  So I grabbed my bag of ornaments and ran out the door.  

All the ornaments were so cute and fun.  We have to do this again next year, ladies!  

Emily's Santa Ornament

Connie's Fabric Ornament 

Staci's Ribbon Ornament

Jeannie's Believe Ornament

Kendra's Skating Snowman Ornament

Shana's Snowflake Ornament

Arianne's Quill-ed Ornament

Lisa's Manger Ornament

Leah's 'Hard Candy' Ribbon Ornament

Brittany's Cross-Stitch Ornament

Stephanie's Glittered Pine Cone Ornament

Katy's Christ Ornament

Sara's Snowman Bulb Ornament

Lynda's Cookie Cutter/Picture Ornament

I love all my ornaments!  Thank you so much, Kendra, for pulling this together and Emily for hosting!

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