February 26, 2010

Turning 5!

I can't believe my baby is 5 today!  We've had so much fun together.  We do everything together.  We run errands together, shop together, play together, read together, sing together, play the piano together, occasionally play the Wii together, color together, take naps together... I just love this little boy so much.

Ford has been mistaken for a kindergardener, lately.  Many people have asked, 'No school today?'  To which I reply, 'He's only 4.'  The jaws drop and they can't figure out why he's so tall.  He's not that tall.  And actually he can't wait to start kindergarden.  He loves preschool but he can't wait to be a big kid like his other siblings.

Ford is so funny.  He makes me laugh everyday.  And most nights when we tell him it's time for bed, he gives us a kiss, and heads off to bed.  Our bed!  Tuesday night, as I was reading in bed, he asked me to get him a water bottle.  I said, 'Today, I helped you make your lunch, tied your shoes, read books to you, drove you to preschool, let you play the Wii, did your hair, made you pancakes, made you dinner, gave you a hug, and let you eat some of my pretzels.  What did you do for me, today?'  He said, 'I helped you make my lunch, emptied the dishwasher, put my feet on your feet, got in your bed, gave you a kiss and a hug....'  I said, 'All those things are great, Ford.  But I did 10 things for you and I think you should get me a water bottle.'  He looked at me with those big hazel eyes and said, 'Mom, you're the best mom in the whole wide world.'  Tears came to my eyes and I said, 'I love you.  So I'll go get you a water bottle.'

Ford is kind and tender hearted.  He loves all sports, legos, Star Wars, and learning.  He is such a wonderful part of our family.  We love you so much, Ford.  Our family wouldn't be complete without you.

Happy Birthday!


foxie4 said...

Wow I can't believe he is 5 crazy!!
Happy Birthday Ford!!

Barry and Jeanni said...

I agree -he is pretty special! I miss teaching him.

Johnson Family said...

Happy Birthday Ford! We miss you! You are an awesome kid.

Heather said...

I haven't read your blog for way too long. Happy Birthday to everyone! Happy Everything....Halloween, Turkey day, Christmas, New Year's, Heart Day. Your family is growing so fast. I sure wish we lived closer. I like to reminise about good times in Logan at Time Out for Women...3.5 years ago already! Hug yourselves from me. Maybe we'll get to see you this summer. Visit my blog sometime... Love ya Heather Feather Strong

Miles and Bex said...

Happy birthday Ford! Crazy how fast they grow up.

Creswell-Hyde Away said...

What a precious little pincher doll! He really is so sweet . . . and I will ALWAYS love the pinches . . . in fact I need one now : )