April 28, 2010

A Mock United Nations

Adam's 4th grade GT class held a Mock United Nations at FES.  It was so cool.  All the kids had to pick a country to do a report on.  Adam chose Peru.  He thought Brandon and I had been there in our travels, but sadly we have not. 

The night before his presentation,  Adam came home from school with an empty board!  Brandon and I were suppose to go out for our anniversary and lucky for Adam we didn't have pressing plans, we did our big activity the night before.  Adam, Brandon, and I were up really late printing out pictures, pasting on facts and letters, and typing up famous people and events reports.

Adam's board finally came together the next morning but it was a battle to the end.  He did a really good job presenting and I am so glad it's over.  The kids did a parade march with their flags and then divided up into continents to give their countries report.  Adam and Chase were in the same group.  Chase reported on Ecuador.  He did a really good job, too. 

All the parents were asked to make a dish from their child's country for a tasters table.  I made Peruvian Caramel Cookies.  They were kind of yummy.  Probably won't ever make them again cause it was an all day task.  I really liked the Baklava.

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