May 31, 2010

Village Frock

Makinley and I have been looking for a baptism dress and have not been successful.  We don't want fruffy, frilly, I'm-going-to-the-prom-even-though-I'm-only-8 kind of dress.  So when I found Sugar City's blog I got really excited.  
I saw their Village Frock on a site months ago but didn't think my girls would like the pattern.  Much to my surprise, Makinley loved it!  So I went to purchase the pattern and they were Sold Out!  Okay, don't panic.  I emailed the company and they said the creator moved to England and thought it would be to hard to reprint and send abroad.  I was so sad.  
Well, I didn't let it stop me.  I went to work to create my own Village Frock.  I pride myself on being a copycat.  And I must say...I did well for myself this time.  
 Sugar City's Village Frock Pattern.
village frock close up by pinkpicketfence.
And here is mine.

I really can't get enough of this dress/shirt.  I made a mock shirt first...learned some things... then I made this dress.  Learned some more things.  I think I am ready for the baptism dress.  I really wanted to make it out of linen, like the pattern calls for, but she won't wear it till July and I am afraid she'll be too hot.  So we'll stick to cotton for now.


Johnson Family said...

So many updates! I love it. Sad we missed the Teacher Appreciation, that is awesome. Love the "village frock" I have not doubt whatever you make will be amazing! Wish we still lived there so you could teach me to sew more!

soggycheerios said...

Staci, that really turned out very cute. I'd like to see you do some of it. I'm sure the finished dress will be amazing.

Barry and Jeanni said...

You are so talented!

Becky said...

I'm impressed!

Emily said...

oh my heck! I love it! Great job!!!!