July 09, 2010

Makinley's 8th Birthday

Makinley was so excited to turn 8.  She has been planning for this day for a long time.  Makinley got her ears pierced the day before her birthday.  And she chose some gorgeous earrings.  I just love them.  She was so brave and told everyone, 'I didn't say ouch or cry.'
Both sets of grandparents were there for her birthday party!  That was really fun.  She got money, gift cards, lots of earrings, a cool purse from Tatiana, Asher, and Melissa, scriptures complete with tote and Children's Songbook.  For dinner, Makinley wanted Chicken Pot Pie with Oreo Shakes for dessert.  We had such a good time.  We love you, Makinley!
Makinely has the best primary teacher. Sister Thomassen is not only a talented photographer, she is also a talented crafter. She made this blanket comforter for Makinley. With the blanket came a story about 'The Comforter' aka the Holy Ghost. I read it to Makinley and had to fight back the tears. Sister Thomassen had personalized the story just for Makinley. It was so cute and the best part was...I could feel how much love Sister Thomassen has for Makinley. And I know that Makinley love her! Thanks, Lynda. That was the perfect gift for our 8 year old.

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