January 24, 2011

Hello Kitty and more...

So I learned how to do a Hello Kitty hat!  I’m selling it for $18.00.  I made this one for Emma and I can’t wait to give it to her.  Now she and Makinley can be twins! 
I really like this Owl hat.  The color possibilities are endless.  I can go bright and fun or simple and conservative.  I’m selling it for $18.00, as well.
This newborn hat was a baby shower gift for my friend, Brittany.  She has 2 adorable little girls and is having her first boy!  I chose not to use any colors because I loved the neutrality of this yarn.  I love the way it turned out.  This newborn monkey hat is $16.00.
This hat is for a sister I visit teach.  She has 2 boys and is expecting her first girl.  Her babies tend to come 5 weeks early and so this hat is so tiny!  I love the colors.  Especially the purple.
This little darling was not as tiny but oh so fun to make.  I love this Pixie hat.  I can’t get enough of those stripes!  I can’t wait to make it in red and white...and I think I want the pom pom a little bigger.  This Pixie hat is $16.00.
I made this Sock Monkey hat for a girl who lives in Toronto.  It’s pretty cold up there right now and I love the hot pink!  I made the spiral ties extra long so she could use them as a scarf.  I absolutely love this hat!  I’m selling Sock Monkey hats for $30.00.  
I’m still selling these Ear Warmers.  They are my best seller.  They sell for $16.00 and come with the flower.  I also sell the flowers separate for $4.50. 
My friend, Jeannie, found some cute Koala hats and made one for her daughter, Jaidyn.  I fell in love with it when she showed me.  It’s made out of 100% Alpaca yarn and is the softest hat I have ever felt.  She said her mom paid a TON of money for one skien.  I didn’t get Alpaca yarn...I didn’t go to the right store...but walked away with some grey Homespun.  I’m dying to try it out. 

Check it out at RuffledEdges.etsy.com.  

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Draper's said...

Ok!! Seriously you are so talented!! I love them all!!