February 21, 2011

Sick Sick Sick

I hate being sick!  I have 4 kids and don't have time to be sick.  I felt a tingling in my throat Saturday morning.  And by bedtime I was in a world of hurt.  Headache, ear tingling, a serious cough coming on.  I got a sub for Nursery, took some Ny-Quil and hit the sack!  Moms don't get a sick day!  Thank goodness it was the weekend...a 3 day weekend at that.  But I have to be better by Monday because Brandon doesn't have the day off.
Sunday morning came with making breakfast for the kids, getting the kids ready for church, and a text from my hubby saying he was running late in meetings and could I drop the kids off. Oi!  
I had a headache, fever, tingling in my right ear, my neck was achy, and I even hallucinated.  I thought Brandon had come home and was trying to get the covers over my head and I tried to stop him but my eyes wouldn't open and my arms were too heavy to move to stop him.  I heard the tv on in my room and I was roasting like a pig in a fire pit!  
When my family came home for real...Adam made me lunch.  That was so nice of him.  Thanks, Adam.  I watched 'The Other Side of Heaven' and tried to sleep some more.  
I spent all day in bed.  I worried about what to do with the kids on Monday because they don't want to be stuck home with a sick mom!  Well, Monday is here and I am feeling a little better but not much.  I scheduled a Dodge Ball game at the church intending to bring my kids and just sit in the foyer but Brandon announced that he wanted to stay home to help me!  The Workmans were game and so Plan A was successful.  Plan B was finding some movie at the $3.oo theater and sitting through it.  Not a bad Plan B but glad I didn't have to use it.  I'm not sure driving while dizzy is the best plan.
Now I am going back to bed to, hopefully, sleep this off.  I have sneezed twice and that's always a good sign to getting better!  


Johnson Family said...

Ugh! Why does it have to hit so HARD for moms? No fun, hope you get better pronto!

Lisa said...

Oh, I hate being sick too. Mom's really don't get a sick day... it's not fair. Hope you are feeling better!