February 18, 2011

Snowshoeing Spooner Summit

We met at Paula’s house for an exciting morning of snowshoeing!  It snowed 3 days this week and we were pumped for some fluffy powder!
As soon as we got to the ‘parking lot’ we knew this was going to be an adventure.  It had snowed so much in Tahoe that there was no visible trail.  So we did the only thing we could.  Blazed our own trail.  And for any of you that have blazed your own trail in the snow know that it’s no easy task.  Our hearts were pumping, beads of sweat were dripping, and lots of breaks!  Trudging through waist high snow is a workout!  Holy Cow! 
Bridgette and I packed our snowboards on our backs and were really excited to board on this fluff.  The only problem was too much snow.  It was too deep that we couldn’t get a good start because we’d sink before we really got going.   We tried several times and would get stuck and couldn’t get out without falling deeper.  We were close on time so we decided this wasn’t the best idea and strapped on our snowshoes and made our way down the mountain on foot.
On our way down, Bridgette and I slipped plenty of times.  In fact on time we slipped at the same time.  It was hilarious.  But the funniest part was when I couldn’t get back up because my board was stuck in the snow and prevented me from moving forward or backward.  The only way I could go was straight up.  And that’s kind of hard to do when you are on a horizontal plane.  I was laughing so hard Bridgette had to help me up.  We are definetly planning to bring our boards again...when there’s not so much snow.  If nothing else, we had a good laugh!  


Anonymous said...

this is so cool, i have not experince snow before :( because here in singapore it won't snow, only have hot weather.

Lisa said...

WOW, Staci. You are one tough momma!