July 24, 2011

Minnesota Vacation 2011

Day 4
Today we reached the city of Cook, Minnesota. We were so happy!
We met grandma and grandpa Creswell at the Target in Virginia and gathered all our food for the cabin. Once we got our food and lunch, we headed for Elbow Lake where we would take a boat to the cabin. The last time we were here was 10 years ago and I still remember the mosquito that got trapped in my pants giving me 18 bites on my bum!
Once we got to the dock and loaded up the boat, we made our way across the lake to spend 4 days without cell phones, running water, electricity, and other modern conveniences.
It was so hot and humid that we broke a sweat just sitting in the shade. By evening we were all in the lake washing off the stink of the day and it sure felt good!
Adam loved fishing. Never ended up catching anything but got a couple of nibbles. Makinley enjoyed covering herself with mud from the lake and collecting slimy lily pads. Kennidy fell in love with the row boat and got really good at it by the end of the week. Ford and I got eatin alive from all the mosquitos. Thank goodness for grandma's Afterbite Itch Relief. Ford liked playing in the lake and giving grandma pinches.


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