October 10, 2006


last night i was writing in my daughters journal and heard that sound that the shampoo bottle makes, as you're trying to get the very last of the shampoo and hope it's enough for your hair so you don't have to jump out of the warm shower just to get more. i thought to myself, 'just finish this entry and you can check on him. he's being quiet. SILENCE! i walk into my bathroom and there he is with the kids strawberry swirl shampoo...squeezing the last of it all over his legs like lotion. oh kids do the funniest things.

saturday afternoon i went with stef and angie to a fall boutique. i found the cutest little animals for my scrapbooking! BUG EYES! mass production is in the works!

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nettifer said...

Ford is so stinking cute! Love the googly eyes. M would just love that turtle