October 18, 2006

Trunk or Treat

i love attending trunk or treats! halloween parties are the best! this year my kids dressed up and couldn't wait to head out the door. k was a pirate, a was anaken skywalker, m was a witch, and f was a purple dragon. they were so cute.
i helped take halloween pics of all who dressed up!
i saw THE cutest caterpillar...pink caterpillar, and THE cutest chicken.
i love halloween! i dressed up too! i threw a bike helmet under a
maternity shirt and went...PREGNANT!
it was fun to see people's reactions!
next year i think all the girls in my neighborhood shood do it...pregnant or not. then we should have a contest to see who can guess whose really pregnant! how much fun would that be? i am the room mom for my son's 1st grade class and this year we are going to have a real witch come and make a special BREW for the kids. i will take some video and photos and post them at the end of the month. i am so excited! i love halloween.

1 comment:

nettifer said...

I loved that bug costume! I still wish you could see the look on Joey's face when he thought you were pregnant!