November 27, 2006


believe it or not this is the first thanksgiving that b and i have spent alone with just our little family in 10yrs. it was so nice. the kids helped make dinner and dessert and b was incharge of the turkey! it was delicious. nothing spectacular happened but we were all together and the day was very relaxing and peaceful. probably on of my favorite thanksgivings yet!

m made the apple pie.

a made the delicious jello salad.
k made the mashed potatoes, peeling and all
and f ate it all. DELICIOUS!


nettifer said...

Love that you did your very own Thanksgiving. Did you feel really grown up? Kind of a silly question, but that is a lot to do for a family! Way to go and I am glad that you had such a good time!

Missy said...

Ford cracks me up! What a cute family...what was Staci in charge of?

Miles and Bex said...

Looks like dinner was yummy! It is nice to have just your family on holidays. Miles and I have done it once and it was awesome.