December 04, 2006

Christmas Stockings

every year before the christmas decorations are pulled from the basement...i get this crazy idea that i need to find new stockings for the family. so this year was no different and i even got pottery barn stockings for $1 and love them. then i pulled out the christmas box with the stockings i made way back in 1998. and i saw how cute they are..and how many memories i have of the kids finding things in these stockings. i love these stockings. and now that i have new ones with each persons name embroidered on them, thank you lynette!, i can't get rid of the old ones. i can't sell them because no one would pay what i think they are worth because there was a lot of time and heart that went into them. so i will display them and enjoy the fruits of my labor and maybe from year to year we can trade out stockings.

1 comment:

nettifer said...

Those stockings are so cute! I would never get rid of them and I would display those well over the Pottery barn ones! Even though I did embroder them for you :)