December 16, 2006

Christmas Work Parties

oh how i love going to b's work parties! talking to people i don't know about subjects i know nothing about, trying to defend the stay at home mom and make it sound glorious yet challenging and that not just anyone can do it, laughing at inside jokes or those that tell them, standing in a corner while the associates catch up on the comings and goings of their lives...what's not to love, right?

well this year was just the opposite! i was so pleasantly surprized! this particular christmas party was a small party with managers and their significant others. there were actually pregnant women who were excited about their soon to be delivered babies and even 2 other members of the LDS church! it was great. the host's wife was so friendly and an amazing chef...every time we turned around she was bringing something new out of the oven and putting it on the table. i would have been perfectly content with the shrimp cocktail! Y-U-M!

we mingled, i took pictures, we laughed and i genuinely laughed...there were no inside jokes so i didn't feel like an outsider. i was happy at b's work party. that is amazing! we had a white elephant gift exchange that was a hoot and b had the last say on what gift he wanted to end up with. he chose the pirates of the carribean, dead man's chest with all the treats you would ever want to eat while enjoying the movie.

then it was time for the presents from the GM to the managers. talk about spoiled cushy jobs...they ALL got mini ipods! i asked b if there were any manager openings avaiable. holy cow! then all the managers gave the GM his very own mini ipod! what a night! it was a wonderful night. i really enjoyed being there!

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nettifer said...

Is brandon wearing a cowboy hat? It sounds like you had a fun night out! Got to love ipods! You should probably borrow it for when you go and work out!