January 07, 2007

Creswell Family Christmas Program

oh how i look forward to this night. over all other nights of the year, i love this night. christmas eve. we, as a family, get to share our talents that the lord has blessed us with, with each other. it's magical.

we started off the evening with uncle j and dp singing a cute missionary song, em, rachel, melissa, and leah sang a beautiful 'mary's lullaby'. the grandkids dressed up and acted out the manger scene while the adults sang primary songs like away in a manger, silent night, etc. a played 'jingle bells' on the piano, k and i played 'away in a manger', matt played and sang a christmas song, and dp beep bopped!

lyn made a touching tribute to rachel, my in-laws, by presenting to each of his children a letter about giving their spouses 'wings to fly' a quote made by marjorie hinckley. then presented rachel with 12 binders filled with letters and cards my father in law had kept all these years. he has so much respect and love for his wife. it was amazing.
readings of the mother of joseph, mary, and then mary herself with songs inbetween set the spiritual mood for the closing of our family program. aunt maren and i sang jenny phillips' version of 'silent night'. i absolutely love her arrangement.
what a beautiful night it was. surrounded by family and friends. it was just magical. lots of love and thoughts of our savior. i don't think there is a better way to praise him then by singing praises to him and sharing with others our talents to strengthen their testimonies. it's a wonderful gift that our father in heaven has given us. families. how can one not feel his love?

this is a tradition in the creswell family. every christmas eve...now after our family program...we pig out on TONS of goodies. this year rachel bought a little chocolate fountain. it was a BIG hit with everyone!


Missy said...

What a wonderful Christmas tradition. We may have to try the re-enactment next year.

Kristi said...

Gotta love chocolate fountains! Adi tried to get her mouth under ours and ended up with chocolate all over her hair! I just love Ford, he is too stinkin cute!!

nettifer said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time at your christmas eve party! What a talented family and that fun looks so yummy! I love the picture of F with the pig ears on- can he get any cuter!