January 11, 2007

Not Fast Enough

so one of my friends said to me last night, 'you need to update your blog more often.' if you don't know me let me give you a little peek into my life.
i am the proud mother of 4 children. my oldest is 8 and my youngest is 23 months. i have 2 boys and 2 girls. i am a room mom for my 3rd graders class and party coordinator for my 1st graders class. i volunteer at my kids school once a week for 2 hours. i have one child in preschool 3 days a week. i take piano lessons once a week and my kids take piano as well. my girls are in dance and they go once a week each...that's 2 different days. my husband is really busy with his church calling and has meetings twice a week and once a month stake meetings. my youngest son is quite the fireball. he is into everything from water to window clearner. i should dedicate an entire blog just to him! he's that busy! when my kids come home from school i have to play teacher and help with homework while getting snacks for the ones who stay home with me. i deal with lots of whining, tattling, screaming, yelling....and yes, the occasional kind word, good deeds, 'i love you, mom', and all the wonderful things kids can say. my favorite these days are when f comes up to me and says ' hewwo, mommy.' that just makes my day.
so needless to say i am quite busy with just being a mom that i rarely have time to update my blog. but since it was pointed out to me that i need to do it...and really i do because it's my journal and don't we write in them every night...or are suppose to....so here is me updating my blog.

i have been busy with a new year's resolution to scrapbook until most of all my colored cardstock is gone. i have made a deal with myself that i can't spend one penny on any scrapbook supplies until i am almost wiped out. that means cleaned out of all most commonly used colors. and the colors i don't use will be given away.

so here are some of my recent layouts...recent meaning this week. i am quite pleased with them. i continue to scrapbook newport...lots of things done over that vacation...so lots of photos. i have put this hobby on the back burner for probably all last year. and possibly the year before that. so it's time to get rolling again. i am WAY behind. but if i can get the most recent photos scrapbooked then i can do the rest later. and i am okay with that.

this entry is in no way to offend. i love my friend. if you did anything
it was open my eyes to the great opportunity i have before me.
i love you, lynette! thank you. :)

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nettifer said...

I love that you are updating your blog! I also had to freaking clue how busy you are! WOW- If I could hand out awards I would give you one. Your scrapbooking is so dang amazing. I love sitting down and looking at your pictures. I should give you all of my card stock that I will NEVER use. Do you want it?
No offense taken! Love you too!!!