February 17, 2007

Birthday Party

today f and m and i went to madelyn's bday party at wheeler farm. we had so much fun. we fed the ducks...they're crazy! we fed them duck seed and then when we ran out of seed the 'bread man' (aka joey) gave us all the bread we could throw.

those ducks must be starving or have pretty big appetites! they couldn't get enough of our food. they were eating whole pieces of bread. wheat bread, white bread, english muffins, hot dog buns, hamburger buns...you name it, the bread man had it. the kids loved feeding those hungry ducks.

then we had pizza for lunch followed by a hayride...actually it was a wagon ride as joey pointed out because there really was no hay. but it was a fun ride.

the kids loved looking at the open fields and the brown grass! we saw 2 chickens, 2 horses, 3 dogs, and some kids! it was great! oh yeah, and at the end of the ride we saw some cows. moooo. baby brielle found the hayride so soothing that she went right to sleep. what a precious baby.

i know this is the back of their heads but i just thought it was so dang cute. then i black and whited it. even cuter! love it.

then we had bday cupcakes that lynette made each with it's own candle sitting in the middle of a lifesavor with sprinkles around the edge...too cute...and watched maddie open presents! she really wanted to play with her big purple ball that someone gave her. it was really big and f was playing with it too. as a party favor, nettie made small totes out of paint cans. each can was personalized with each child's name and inside was a bunch of fun play dough, markers, paper, and sidewalk chalk.

we had such a wonderful time with our friends and thank you thank you lynette and joey for inviting us. and thank you maddie for being such a good friend and having your bday party at the farm.

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nettifer said...

This blog is so awesome! I love it- it makes me so happy. I will tell everyone to come and read yours for my journalling :) SO glad that you came and that you had such a good time! Love your kids & you!
Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures. I saved them to my computer if you don't mind!
Love ya