February 21, 2007

Easter Pails

i know it's early but my friend lynette inspired me. the two of us are offering crafts next month for rs and one of the things she offered to do was personalized names in vinyl to put on easter pails. well i looked and looked for pails that i liked and came up empty handed. so then i thought who is my really good friend...MOD PODGE! i went to sherman williams and bought empty paint cans for $2 including the lid and a handle. then lynette and i went to heartland paper, a local scrapbook store, and found THE cutest paper...easter paper. i fell in love with the pastel colors and little chicks. after quite a while i found the perfect matching paper. and matching BOY paper. i went to tai pan to get ribbon that was $3 for 10 yards! i couldn't believe it. $20 worth of ribbon later and here they are. my easter pails. now all i have to do is stick the names on. i am so excited for my kids to use these pails. and the best part is...is that they can use them for a long, long time! how great is that. i love them. i wish easter was in march.
cute stickers for added embellishments. thanks, lynette. now you have another reason to use them!

these are for the girls...i love the ribbon! it makes me so happy!

this is the back of k's. i had to put flowers on it to cover up the can.


ishybeanie said...

how are you fitting all these new crafty things in your house? They are so cute. I've been looking for a store like tai pan around here with no luck. They don't have anything even close to that style. I miss home.

nettifer said...

Those turned out so adorable! I love them. I need to start working on M's before I start cutting out 90 names for the craft nigth! I love how they turned out and i love how you used those stickers? Do you have any left?

Kristi said...

Love them!! Those are so cute. I just may have to make my kids each one. You are so clever and make the cutest things, keep it up, you give me inspiration to do things!!

Missy said...

I bought my Easter paper today for my cards and buckets and I am so excited to use them all up. Heartland Paper just got a bunch of new paper in today!!!!

Miles and Bex said...

I have been looking for pails for my kids easter baskets. Can't find anything. Great idea! I am excited about all the cute crafts this month you guys are doing.