February 14, 2007

A Girly Notebook

i love it! this one is for kennidy. i titled it 'comical quotations from Kennidy'. she's at the age where nothing she says is really funny but sarcastic. sad but true. she is her father's daughter. this notebook is kind of plain but i wanted the words to stand out so i refrained from adding too much to it. i did add a flower charm to the top and simple but cute ribbon. i really like it. i also added an envelope on the very back page so when i am finished with this notebook i can write a heartfelt message to her and she can keep it and share it with her kids. i just love this idea. this can be a gift for traveler...decorated in map paper and stamped with the words 'destination' or something. and the traveler can keep a journal of the places he or she goes without taking up a lot of space. it can be a journal for a child turning 8 or 12. it can be a photo book of special photos. it can be a lovers journal. on the 2 lovers right thoughts about eachother in it. the possibilities are endless. how about christmas...keep a running memory of the christmas' shared with your family. each year write your favorite memory. this sounds like an advertisement for notebooks but this is just my brain spewing out ideas. it just happens to be typed and viewed for all to see. happy reading then.


nettifer said...

I love Kennidy's! SO cute. I had an idea of what we could do for the books!

Kristi said...

The notebooks are such cute ideas, you sold me! You are very crafty, I love all the other things you did and blogged too. You have given me inspiration to get crafty!

nettifer said...

I want to know what Brandon got you for Vday?